Assumption of the Virgin

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Assumption of the Virgin:

see MaryMary,
in the Bible, mother of Jesus. Christian tradition reckons her the principal saint, naming her variously the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, and Mother of God (Gr., theotokos). Her name is the Hebrew Miriam.
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A less distracting and truly outstanding example of Jan Santini's work is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Cathedral just down the street.
The incident took place on a public holiday in Greece, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
In chapter 6, "Vincenxo Campi's Assumption of the Virgin with St.
The Assumption of the Virgin will be announced by the BBC at at the Cannes Film Festival this week.
The immaculate conception, virgin birth, assumption of the virgin and contraception teachings are not problem areas for modern Catholics, I think, because we don't see them as crucial.
Matteo Palmieri, who commissioned the large Assumption of the Virgin by Botticini which hangs at the top of the stairs in the Sainsbury wing of the National Gallery, London, insisted that family honour was more important than accumulating wealth, and that money was to be used not hoarded.
This social ascent ulti mately placed Nanni, a stone carver, among the veduti, "the most privileged stratum of society" (18), In the remaining three chapters the author considers Nanni and Donatello's simultaneous adoption of antique ideals, the interaction of sculpture and civic ritual and, finally, Nanni's essay in religious narrative, the cathedral relief of the Assumption of the Virgin.
Claiming that Isis, Mother of the God and Queen of Heaven, is the key to 'the thread that links out own rime to the distant past', he illustrates a Fate-18th-century fresco at Lindau-am-Bodensee of the Assumption of the Virgin with all the attributes of Isis, including the crescent moon.
Correggio's depiction of the Assumption of the Virgin is understood as a complex statement of Christian belief with detailed reference to Marian theological writings and dogma.
5) The narrative cycle, distributed across the width of five registers, begins at the very bottom left with five episodes from the Life of the Virgin, and then turns to the Life of Christ in forty-five scenes (this is one of the largest surviving Christological cycles), concluding at the very top to the right with the Pentecost, the Assumption of the Virgin, and the Coronation of the Virgin.
It was the finding of the latter in 1983 with its Greek inscription in the same unusual form as in the signed and dated Assumption of the Virgin of 1577 (now at Chicago) which established the existence of a number of early works by 'Domenikos' who could be identified as El Greco, and who only left Crete for Venice at the age of twenty six in 1567 (this is now established on the evidence of the notarial archives of Crete, kept in Venice).