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Within the scope of his visit to Cologne, opposition leader visited ancient Greek and Assyrian churches either.
Part 1 deals with issues affecting the whole region, while part 2 provides profiles of all the different church families--Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical (Protestant), and Assyrian Church of the East.
Still, the churches are determined, and Manara Ministries has been helping 72 churches including the Armenian Orthodox Church, Syrian Orthodox Church, Assyrian Church, Armenian Catholic Church, Chaldean Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church of Iraq (Presbyterian) distribute food for 5,000 families.
From 1884-19I4, the Church of England maintained a mission created to assist the Assyrian Church of the East (widely but mistakenly designated Nestorian) then located primarily in the area surrounding Urmia in eastern Turkey and north-western Persia, between Lake Urmia and Lake Van.
The SDF fighters engaged in fierce clashes with the ISIL in al-Tabaqa city yesterday and seized control over the neighborhoods of al-Mahaj, Abu Eish, Assyrian church, al-Kasarah and al-Mashar.
The spiritual leaders who partook in the summit were: Armenian Orthodox Catholicos of Cilicia Aram I, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East and Supreme Leader of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem for Melkite Catholics Gregory III Laham, Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius Joseph III Younan, Catholicos of Cilicia of the Armenian Catholics Gregoire Bedros XX, Reverend Salim Sahyouni, as well as representatives of the Orthodox Coptic Church and the Assyrian Church. Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox John X Yazigi did not join the conclave.
Messages of support flooded in on Facebook as the announcement was made by the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East.
He said during a meeting with a delegation from the East Assyrian Church led by His Holiness Patriarch Mar Georgis III Salio Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East in the world that the country is facing many challenges, the most important is terrorism, which requires the consolidation of all efforts in order to fight it and defeat it.
President Barzani Visits Patriarch of Assyrian Church of the East in Erbil
The ancestors of his informants, representing several communities of Christians belonging to the Assyrian Church of the East and its Uniate counterpart, the Chaldean Catholic Church, had previously resided in the mountains of Hakkari (today in southeastern Turkey), but the fortunes of the First World War and a series of massacres displaced them from their homeland.
Approximately 75 Assyrian families have come to Lebanon from the region in recent weeks, according to Archbishop of the Assyrian Church of the East Yatron Koliana, a relatively low number due to the considerable geographical distance separating Lebanon from northern Syria, which borders Turkey and Iraq.