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(gôrgän`) or


(jo͝orjän`), town (1991 pop. 162,468), N Iran, E of the Caspian Sea. The surrounding region yields abundant grain and has extensive forests and marshes. Items of trade include carpets. The surrounding area, the ancient Hyrcania, was captured by the Arabs (716) and conquered by the Mongols (13th cent.). Aga Muhammad Khan, the founder of the Qajar dynasty, was born there, and the town flourished (c.1800) with the rise of the dynasty. It was formerly called Astrabad or Asterabad.



a town in northern Iran, in the region of Mazanderan. Population, 31,200 in 1966.

Gorgan is connected by a railroad line and a highway with the port of Bandar-e Shah and the city of Tehran. The town contains small cotton and rice-refining plants and creameries. Handicraft production is widespread. Gorgan is subject to earthquakes. (The most recent strong earthquake occurred in 1944.)

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Shah 'Abbas I resettled the tribe of the Qajars, whose origins seem to have been in Anatolia, to the northeast, making them guard the frontiers of the Caucasus around Ganja as well as the inhabited regions of Khorasan around Astarabad and Marv.
Agence FIPS parted with €40,000 for Princesse Winner, a daughter of Astarabad offered in foal to Saint Des Saints.
Abu Hashim Muhammed bin Abdullah bin Muhammed bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Hassan bin Hassan A'eur, son of Muhammed Kaboli of the children of Abdullah (Abdullah Mahz) bin Hassan (peace be upon him) who died in Nishapur and some of his children were at Nishapur, Astarabad, and Isfahan.
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Although he was only successful once in three bumper starts last season, the level of form achieved in a light campaign certainly hinted this son of Astarabad possessed an ample portion of ability.
but Asmara and Astarabad, his best half-sister and half-brother, were particularly effective in the soft and so his sire's influence should not be crucial.
Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (William Hill betting): 7-2 Dream Well, 7-1 Croco Rouge, High Rise, Swain, 8-1 Sea Wave, 12-1 Limpid, Zainta, 14-1 Fragrant Mix, Royal Anthem, 16-1 Astarabad, Borgia, 20-1 Shahtoush, Winona, 25-1 Abbatiale, Ebadiyla, Elle Danzig , Public Purse, Romanov, Sestino, 33-1 bar.
Europe is also represented by dual Irish Leger winner Oscar Schindler, French raider Astarabad and German hope Caitano.
Nesimi became a zealous adherent of the Hurufis, an extremist religious sect founded by the Iranian mystic Fakl Allah of Astarabad.
His request was granted and he was assigned to govern a province Astarabad.
Those successful so far are Montelimar, Where To Dance, Strong Gale, Accordion, Welsh Term, Florida Son, Glacial Storm, Mister Lord, River Falls, Broken Hearted, Teenoso, Flemensfirth, Overbury, Shernazar, Fasliyev, Bob Back, Presenting, King's Theatre, Astarabad, Stowaway and Shantou.