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Deng and his colleagues next induced the stem cells to develop into separate pure populations of astroglial cells and neurons.
The effect of lithium treatment of primary astrocytes derived from rat cerebral cortices, as was the case in this study, may have more resemblance to the effect that it actually exerts in astroglial cells in vivo.
PML, caused by the John Cunningham (JC) virus, results from lytic infection of predominantly astroglial cells.
Astroglial cells - also known as astrocytes -k have been viewed as cells that support, protect and feed neurons for the last 100 to 150 years, Marsicano explained.
With these experiments in mice, "we have found that the starting point for this phenomenon -- the effect of marijuana on working memory -- is the astroglial cells," said Giovanni Marsicano of INSERM in France.
The neuroprotective antioxidant ALA induces detoxification enzymes in cultured astroglial cells.
Chloroquine also induces oxidative stress in cells such as, kidney cells and astroglial cells having high metabolic activities [3, 4].
Effects of supplementation with 20:3n-6, 20:4n-6 and 20:5n-3 on the production of the prostaglandins E and F of the 1-, 2- and 3-series in turbot, Scophthalmus maximus brain astroglial cells in primary culture.