Astronomical Symbols

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Astronomical Symbols


conventional symbols for the sun, moon, planets, and other celestial bodies as well as for zodiacal constellations, planetary configurations, phases of the moon, and so forth used in the astronomical literature and calendars. Some astronomical symbols are used to denote days of the week and hours.

Most symbols emerged in the distant past and are schematic representations of celestial bodies or the symbolic figures of the constellations. Astronomical symbols are presented in Table 1.

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In the leftmost, a female swimmer glides over an artificial reef of jettisoned automobiles, each a 1949 Mercury 8 bearing the astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury.
For instance, we regularly pointed out the common themes and motif (circle and four directions) of the Zia Sun Symbol, the Roman astronomical symbol for Earth, Buddhist mandalas and many labyrinth symbols (Celtic, Hopi, etc.
This first designer series from Play Bling is a classical and old-fashion style astronomical symbol - the 12 Zodiac.
State astronomical symbol and centennial star: Beehive Cluster and Dubhe

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