Astyrev, Nikolai

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Astyrev, Nikolai Mikhailovich


Born Nov. 16, 1857, in Tikhvin, Novgorod Province; died June 3, 1894, in Moscow. Russian public and literary figure and statistician.

Astyrev was close to the ideas of populism. He worked as a volost (small rural district) clerk in Voronezh Province, in the statistics bureau of the Moscow Province zemstvo (district assembly), and in the Irkutsk statistics bureau. Astyrev was a contributor to Russkie vedomosti, Vestnik Evropy, Russkaia mysl’, and other publications. In 1891 and 1892 a circle of the democratic intelligentsia grouped itself around Astyrev in Moscow. He was the author of the proclamation “First Letter to Starving Peasants” (from Peasants’ Well-Wishers), which was published in 1892 by the underground press of the Grappa Narodovol’tsev (Populist Group). He was in prison from 1892 to 1894.


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