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We further noted evidence of inverted asymmetric reaction of returns for Consumer service, Health care, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom and Utilities which implies that the returns volatility is increased by positive shocks more than the negative shocks which is consistent with Ghazali and Lean (2015), for the gold market.
(2013), The asymmetric reaction of monetary policy to inflation and output gap: Evidence from Canada.
This is why the asymmetric reaction function is then parallel to the one that would prevail without indexation, as is output.
In this attempt, the asymmetric reaction to changing AFDC matching rates has been linked to bureaucratic discretion, a theoretically likely source of an asymmetric flypaper effect.
But in a continuation of China's asymmetric reaction to the embassy bombing, another article lambasted U.S.
"It could be used to make many kinds of drugs or compounds -- and almost any molecule that involves an asymmetric reaction. I don't really see any limitations."
Hayashi, "Chiral monodentate phosphine ligand MOP for transition-metal-catalyzed asymmetric reactions," Accounts of Chemical Research, vol.
The approach highlights asymmetric reactions for the formation of functional groups through the formation of carbon-heteroelement bonds, paying special attention to reactions that are highly selective but also to those that show the largest substrate scope.
The sources of the asymmetric reactions remain a puzzle, which may warrant additional research.
List, "Proline-catalyzed asymmetric reactions," Tetrahedron, vol.
This study was motivated from the recent observations by FOPI collaboration on the mass asymmetric reactions of [sup.40]Ca + [sup.197]Au and [sup.197]Au + [sup.40]Ca [23, 24].
Further work is undergoing to extend the variety of this type of chiral ligands and the applications of their metallic complexes to other types of asymmetric reactions.

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