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If only the joyous and fulfilling moments in a life could attenuate like that, like an asymptotic line stretching on without an end in sight: the pleasure of cuddling and tickling the children, the peace and communion of watching a good foreign film with Ruth late at night, the excitement of discussing a book or an article with my father before his stroke.
Thus [S.sub.8] cannot cancel the entire rarefaction wave [R.sub.4] thoroughly and ultimately has the characteristic line in [R.sub.4] whose expression is shown in (46) as the asymptotic line.
Otherwise, if [u.sub.-] < [u.sub.3], then S, penetrates [R.sub.5] incompletely and finally has the characteristic line associated with the state ([u.sub.-], [[rho].sub.-]) in [R.sub.5] as its asymptotic line.
The story we need to tell begins with yet another of Bazin's analogies, this one from the world of mathematics: The relationship of cinema to reality is like an asymptotic line approaching a given curve: ever closer, but never meeting.
The asymptotic lines appearing in Figure 3 agree with the long-time inverse-power-law decays of the survival probability, given by (15).
The asymptotic lines of Figure 12 and the asymptotic horizontal lines of Figure 13 are in accordance with the long-time inverse-power-law decays of the instantaneous mass, given by (24) and (29).

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