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Taking a regional approach, AFF conducted assessments and surveyed partners and ATFS leaders to identify opportunities where family forest owners could have an increased impact.
The Green Globes rating system recognizes ATFS, FSC and SFI timber equally and represents a more common-sense approach to the issue.
In exchange for meeting these standards, the organization provided timberland owners an insignia that signified that the land was maintained according to the ATFS standards.
Plum Creek is proud to recognize ATFS, SFI and other credible forest certification standards and to unite with other forest products companies to advocate for the growth of certification standards like ATFS and SFI," said Lindquist.
Through a third-party verification entity, a forest landowner is required to provide independent auditors access to their lands, staff, and forest management policies and procedures in order to ensure the landowner's forest practices meet the applicable FSC, SFI or ATFS standards.
The speaker will be Gauri Chandna, founder and CEO of ATFS.
In addition to the letter from a bipartisan group of congressmen, USGBC received a petition with nearly 6,000 signatories calling for LEED recognition of all "wood and paper products certified to independent, respected and credible standards including SFI, ATFS, CSA, FSC and PEFC.
Additionally, ATFS is used widely by small landowners nationwide, with nearly 2,500 families managing more than 1.
The Congressmen urged USGBC to also recognize SFI, PEFC, CSA, ATFS and other "creditable" certification systems.
ATFS focuses on private family forest landowners in the United States.
The partnership will begin with a pilot project focused on increasing the number of third-party certified forestlands in Maine under two credible systems, SFI and ATFS.
Certification of tree farms under the ATFS is overseen by the American Forest Foundation, which requires farms to meet its Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification to become a Certified Tree Farm.