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Now that we have achieved SFI certification of our state lands, we are in a stronger position to work on growing certification across small landowners in partnership with ATFS.
From its inception in 1941, growth of the ATFS was rapid.
By 1946, about half of the states participated in the ATFS, each with regional organization and certification criteria, (132) In 1946, the National Lumber Manufacturers Association delegated responsibility for the ATFS to the subsidiary American Forest Products Industries.
Preventing sustainable wood products certified by organizations like the SFI and ATFS from being used in green buildings across the U.
ATFS has established standards and guidelines which property owners must meet to become a Certified Tree Farm.
The CSA, SFI, and ATFS programs have received official PEFC endorsement.
The ATFS standard is a great tool to encourage family landowners to practice active, responsible forestry, and SFI certification enables our State Forests to contribute certified wood content to the supply chain of many SFI Program Participants," said Gene Kodama, South Carolina State Forester.
ATFS is currently pursuing endorsement by the PEFC.
5 million acres certified to the SFI or ATFS standards.
USGBC has not provided a scientific rationale that justifies discriminating against the SFI program, ATFS, CSA or any of the others.
In addition to ATFS, NewPage has established preferences for wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council[sup.
SFI also accepts fiber from forests certified to CSA and ATFS, which is important to workers and resource communities throughout North America.