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A place where artwork or handicrafts are produced by skilled workers; a studio where the fine arts, including architecture, are taught.



a French theater which opened in Paris in 1822 under the name of Theatre Montmartre. Young actors began their careers here. Various troupes worked in the Atelier, staging drama, comedy, melodrama, vaudeville, and operetta. Since 1914 movies have been shown in the building. The theater assumed its present name in 1922, when the director C. Dullin took over. Dullin gave a democratic orientation to the work of the Atelier. A. Barsacq, the director who replaced Dullin in 1940, attempts to affirm realism and social significance in the work of the theater. Atelier’s repertoire includes works by French playwrights (among them A. Salacrou and J. Anouilh) as well as by foreign playwrights, including Russian and Soviet—for example, Chekhov’s The Seagull (1940), The Brothers Karamazov after Dostoevsky (1946), Gogol’s The Inspector General (1948), Ma-yakovsky’s The Bedbug (1959), and Turgenev’s A Month in the Country (1965).


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1. An artist’s workshop.
2. A place where artwork or handicrafts are produced by skilled workers.
3. A studio where the fine arts, including architecture, are taught.
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Like fashion houses, the Le Grand Royal Brunch thematic productions were divided into ateliers.
As part of this innovative work-life experience, K11 Atelier tenants will be offered access to the Office Academy, a myriad of programmes ranging from spiritual and physical wellness, productivity and success, culture and creativity, and team building.
When he learned the pair was developing a period-focused opera company in the early 1980s, mutual friend and photographer Taffi Rosen passed Gauci's contact information on to the group that would later become Opera Atelier.
During the twenty-four years he ran Atelier Lack he taught ninety-nine students, many of them now with successful careers.
The Chinese atelier features drunken prawns using ginger, Chinese cumin lamb and double-boiled ginseng soup with sliced abalone.
The first of its kind, premium multi-brand store at Moda Mall, Alpha Atelier houses menswear and specializes in bespoke suits of brands like Brioni, Loro Piana, Luigi Borelli, and Fratelli Rosetti.
The revamped Atelier Design showroom on Wellington Place, Belfast
Located in the historic Casket Arts Building in Northeast Minneapolis, The Atelier provides an outcome-based diploma program for aspiring public sculptors as well as a Fellowship program for those who choose not to pursue a diploma.
Groupe GM president Laurent Marchand said: "This Atelier Cologne range is truly exciting, as it represents a product offering with absolute commitment to excellence in terms of quality of ingredients, fragrance and the sensations these can evoke in users.
Assya Djellab alterne, ainsi, ses propres recherches, les participations a de grands evenements au Maroc et a l'etranger et les ateliers de peinture pour enfants.
Reportedly the fire took place with an unknown reason during which 33 numbered atelier on the Mecitbey Sokak located Fatih's Seyit Eumer Neighborhood at 04:30 Turkish Local Time (GMT: 02:30).
Designed by S9 Architects, a division of Perkins Eastman, with interiors by ZoundPro Design, Atelier Williamsburg offers a mix of alcove studio, one- and two-bedroom layouts with oversized windows and up to 10-foot ceilings.

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