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A place where artwork or handicrafts are produced by skilled workers; a studio where the fine arts, including architecture, are taught.
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a French theater which opened in Paris in 1822 under the name of Theatre Montmartre. Young actors began their careers here. Various troupes worked in the Atelier, staging drama, comedy, melodrama, vaudeville, and operetta. Since 1914 movies have been shown in the building. The theater assumed its present name in 1922, when the director C. Dullin took over. Dullin gave a democratic orientation to the work of the Atelier. A. Barsacq, the director who replaced Dullin in 1940, attempts to affirm realism and social significance in the work of the theater. Atelier’s repertoire includes works by French playwrights (among them A. Salacrou and J. Anouilh) as well as by foreign playwrights, including Russian and Soviet—for example, Chekhov’s The Seagull (1940), The Brothers Karamazov after Dostoevsky (1946), Gogol’s The Inspector General (1948), Ma-yakovsky’s The Bedbug (1959), and Turgenev’s A Month in the Country (1965).


Triolet, E. “Parizhskie teatry.” Teatr, 1955, no. 9.
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1. An artist’s workshop.
2. A place where artwork or handicrafts are produced by skilled workers.
3. A studio where the fine arts, including architecture, are taught.
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