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(both: ăth`əlstən, ăth`ĕlstän), d. 939, king of Wessex (924–39), son and successor of Edward the Elder. After coming to the throne, he vigorously built up his kingdom on the foundations established by his grandfather AlfredAlfred,
849–99, king of Wessex (871–99), sometimes called Alfred the Great, b. Wantage, Berkshire. Early Life

The youngest son of King Æthelwulf, he was sent in 853 to Rome, where the pope gave him the title of Roman consul.
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. He made himself overlord of all England, establishing his hegemony firmly by victory over a coalition of his enemies at BrunanburhBrunanburh, battle of
, A.D. 937, a victory won by Athelstan, king of the English, over a coalition of Irish, Scots, and Britons (or Welsh) of Strathclyde. The site of the battle is not known. The battle is celebrated in a poem in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
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 in 937. He was popular as well as able, was generous to the church, and issued laws that attempted to impose royal authority on customary law. Athelstan married his sisters to Charles III of France, the French duke Hugh the Great, Otto I of Germany, and Louis, king of Arles. He was succeeded by his brother Edmund.


See F. M. Stenton, Anglo-Saxon England (3d ed. 1971).


?895--939 ad, king of Wessex and Mercia (924--939 ad), who extended his kingdom to include most of England
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King Athelstan Primary School, Kings Oak Primary School, Burlington Infant and Nursery School and Burlington Junior School require an outsourced cleaning service on a daily basis.
By the early 10th Century, his son Edward the Elder controlled southern England, but Northumbria was independent until it was conquered by Athelstan in 927, and he is regarded by modern historians as the first king of England.
Hereward and the Abbot Athelstan (Chris Godwin) escape the slaughter and spirit away the most cherished religious icon of the time, The Lindisfarne Gospels.
His son, Athelstan, was to become the greatest ruler in Britain since the Romans.
The first recorded almshouse was founded in York by King Athelstan.
According to a report in the Telegraph, archaeologists believe they have discovered the coffin and skeleton of Queen Eadgyth, the sister of King Athelstan and granddaughter of Alfred the Great, who died in 946.
It was not until 895 that the country was unified under the rule of King Athelstan.
They extended control of England over 600 years, fighting with each other and then the Vikings before being unified in 895 under Athelstan.
Doherty, creator also of mediaeval investigator Hugh Corbett and of Brother Athelstan, is a prolific and acclaimed author of an immensely imaginative variety of stories.
The battle came at a time when there were two kings, Constantine II commander of the northern coalition of tribes and the Anglo Saxon Athelstan from the South.
Audo, and Athelstan Riley that make no appearance in the index, and some names are mentioned on many more pages than are indicated.