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(K7) AMD's 7th generation x86 processor, released in June 1999.

Athlon uses a Slot A motherboard and is not compatible with Slot 1 motherboards.


A family of Pentium-compatible CPU chips from AMD. The first 32-bit models were introduced as Pentium III-class CPUs in 1999 with a 200 MHz system bus and CPU speeds up to 650 MHz. Over subsequent years, AMD added numerous models of 32-bit Athlons for desktop, server and mobile use, long since exceeding the initial clock speeds (see Athlon XP).

Slot A and Socket A
The first Athlons plugged into "Slot A," which was similar to the elongated slot used by Pentium II's and III's. Later model Athlons switched to Socket A.

Athlon 64 (64-Bit CPUs)
In 2003 and following the Opteron, which was the first of AMD's 64-bit, x86-based CPUs, AMD introduced the Athlon 64 processor for desktops and the Mobile Athlon 64 for laptops. All of AMD's 64-bit processors run 32-bit applications without any modifications (see AMD64).

In 2005, AMD introduced the Athlon 64 X2, its first dual-core CPU. The Athlon 64 X2 has two Athlon 64 cores in a single chip package. See Opteron, K6 and Hammer.
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Performance of a system powered by AMD Athlon MP processors is enhanced by the AMD-760(TM) MPX chipset, which provides high-speed peripheral connections for increased productivity and is compatible with all AMD Athlon MP processors.
It is the only system that can accommodate 132 AMD Athlon MP 2200+ processors in one seven foot cabinet," said David Driggers, RackSaver CTO & CEO.
Current 3Dlabs products support the AMD Athlon MP processor with optimized drivers to accelerate the 3D graphics pipeline between the processor and the Wildcat graphics card.
AMD Athlon MP processor-based workstations using Steinberg Nuendo Software have recently been used to master the music of legendary artists including James Taylor, R.
Janimation, a Dallas-based effects and animation company, rapidly completed a series of special effects scenes for "Spy Kids 2" on servers and workstations based on AMD Athlon MP processors, including pre- and post-production for the Sea Creature sequence.
AMD took each of those needs into consideration with the AMD Athlon MP processor line.
With new AMD Athlon MP processor-based servers from Tyan Platforms, the Rambler search engine has enough power to introduce new search algorithms that index dynamic Web pages and provide finer Web site ranking in search results.
The AMD Athlon MP processor 2400+ enables business customers and the scientific community to achieve more work in less time through its superior x86 processor architecture, including state-of-the-art floating-point capability for intense number crunching.
The Linux Networx cluster designed for John Deere uses 24 AMD(R) Athlon MP processors, Clusterworx(R) and ICE Box(TM) cluster management tools from Linux Networx and STAR-CD software from CD adapco Group.
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AMD (NYSE:AMD) has introduced the AMD Athlon MP processor 2400+, designed for enterprises and research institutes that rely on software applications that require intense computing power.
One of the leading Internet portals in Russia, Rambler, has selected servers based on the Athlon MP processors from personal and networked computer and communications market integrated circuits supplier, AMD, and provided by Tyan Platforms to upgrade its search system.