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, in Egyptian religion, celestial goddess of love and festivity. The personification of the sky, she was represented as a star-studded cow or as a woman with the head of a cow. She was identified with many other goddesses of fertility and love, such as Aphrodite.
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Athor died mysteriously in 2011 after Yauyau signed a ceasefire with the government in June 2011, integrating him and his militia in the SPLA.
The Republic of South Sudan has signed an agreement with the former rebels of George Athor, in which they have agreed to the amnesty laid down by President Salva Kiir," Information Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told AFP.
South Sudan vice President Riek Machar said Athor was killed late Monday in Central Equatoria state, where he was trying to recruit more soldiers for his rebel army, after visiting neighboring countries.
Athor said 176 southern soldiers died in the fighting and he lost just 19 men.
We want to assure people in the region that we can take the task to solve our own problems, and to establish peace in south Sudan," said Abraham Thon, speaking for Athor.
The fighting killed five from the forces loyal to Athor .
Athor fue, en 1998 y 1999, campeon de belleza nacional e internacional, respectivamente.
In the South, General George Athor rebelled after losing elections in April for the governorship of the oil-producing South's Jonglei state, raising tensions ahead of a referendum on Southern independence which is due to take place next month.
KHARTOUM: Authorities in south Sudan said on Tuesday they had arrested men loyal to George Athor, a former southern rebel commander suspected of being aided by elements in Khartoum seeking to destabilize the autonomous region.
Dr Majak and Archbishop Deng once offered in good faith with the blessing of President Kiir to reconcile Athor with the government, they reached out to late General Athor to convince him to rejoin the government.
The formerly rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) said that supporters of renegade senior officer George Athor, who were captured on Sunday, had provided the southern army with his location.
The SSDM Cobra-faction, was a faction of the SSDM which was established in 2010 by the late general George Athor.