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(ăth`ŏs, ā`thŏs),


(äk`tē), or


(–tā), easternmost of the three peninsulas of KhalkidhikíKhalkidhikí
or Chalcidice
, peninsula (1991 pop. 92,117), NE Greece, projecting into the Aegean Sea from SE Macedonia. Its southern extremity terminates in three peninsulas: Kassandra (anc. Gr.
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, c.130 sq mi (340 sq km), NE Greece, in Macedonia. The narrow, northern base of the peninsula was once cut by canal dug by the Persians during Xerxes' invasion of Greece (see Persian WarsPersian Wars,
500 B.C.–449 B.C., series of conflicts fought between Greek states and the Persian Empire. The writings of Herodotus, who was born c.484 B.C., are the great source of knowledge of the history of the wars.
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). At the southern tip of the peninsula is the theocratic community of the monks of Mount Athos, also called Hagion Oros or Ayion Oros [Gr.,=Holy Mt.], which rises to c.6,670 ft (2,030 m). Mount Athos is a community of about 20 monasteries of the Order of St. Basil of the Orthodox Eastern Church and includes c.30 sq mi (80 sq km) of territory. The first monastery was founded c.963. The community of monks (see monasticismmonasticism
, form of religious life, usually conducted in a community under a common rule. Monastic life is bound by ascetical practices expressed typically in the vows of celibacy, poverty, and obedience, called the evangelical counsels.
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) enjoyed administrative independence under the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and under the modern Greek government. In 1927 it was made an autonomous monastic state under Greek suzerainty, ruled by the patriarch of Constantinople. Karyai, the chief town of Athos, is the seat of the Holy Community, a committee made up of one representative from each monastery, which governs the monks of Mount Athos. Women and most female animals are not allowed in the religious community. The icons from Mount Athos are celebrated; the libraries contain a great wealth of Byzantine manuscripts.
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Mount. a mountain in NE Greece, in Macedonia Central region: site of the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos, autonomous since 1927 and inhabited by Greek Orthodox Basilian monks in 20 monasteries founded in the 10th century. Pop.: 1942 (2001)
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"This is the gentleman I am going to fight with," said Athos, pointing to D'Artagnan with his hand and saluting him with the same gesture.
"But what are you going to fight about, Athos?" asked Aramis.
Athos, whose keen eye lost nothing, perceived a faintly sly smile pass over the lips of the young Gascon as he replied, "We had a short discussion upon dress."
Athos indeed saw a second smile on the lips of D'Artagnan.
"'Tis Raoul who has come back," said Athos; "and we can now hear how the poor child is."
"Monsieur," said Athos, placing his hand on D'Artagnan's shoulder, "monsieur is the Chevalier D'Artagnan of whom you have often heard me speak, Raoul."
Athos led his guest into a dining-room of moderate size, the windows of which opened on one side on a garden, on the other on a hot-house full of magnificent flowers.
"Yes, a chef d'oeuvre of the great Florentine sculptor, Benvenuto Cellini," replied Athos.
He walked last, watching the least movement of Athos, his naked dirk in his sleeve, and ready to plunge it into the back of the gentleman at the first suspicious gesture he should see him make.
After having passed the rubbish, and torn away more than one branch of ivy that had made itself a guardian of the solitude, Athos arrived at the vaults situated beneath the great hall, but the entrance of which was from the chapel.
Whilst looking round them, Athos and Monk perceived a little ash of about three inches in diameter, which had shot up in an angle of the wall, reaching a window, concealed by its branches.
The man drew back in a sort of terror, and faithfully kept to the post assigned him, whilst Monk and Athos turned behind a column at the foot of which, penetrating through a crack, was a moonbeam, reflected exactly on the stone which the Comte de la Fere had come so far in search.