Atlanta Vampire Alliance & Suscitatio Enterprises, llc

Atlanta Vampire Alliance & Suscitatio Enterprises, llc

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The Atlanta Vampire Alliance is a vampire organization founded in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia. It describes itself as an alliance of like-minded individuals, including both sanguinarian (those who drink blood), and psychic (or energy) vampires who work for the progress and education of both the greater and local vampire community. It offers self-identified vampires a respectful environment and promotes serious dialog and continuing education. The organization consults with a wide range of interested outsiders, including members of the media, law enforcement, clergy, and the academic world.

Members of the organization have tried to correct stereotypical images of self-identified vampires and in 2006 in conjunction with their research company Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC, launched a massive two-part survey of the vampire community. This 988 question survey, known as the Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study, was distributed worldwide to people who identified themselves as vampires both on the Internet and offline. Between 2006 and 2009, more than 950 vampires from over 40 countries completed the surveys. The results detailed the reality of vampire existence and what appeared to be a rather mundane community of people who otherwise blended into their larger environment, society, and culture. However, the unusual characteristics revealed by the study include individual vampire activities, higher than normal prevalence rates of certain medical conditions, and a diversity of religious beliefs and practices. The research study results are posted at

The organization contends that vampirism itself is neither a religion nor a faith-based collective. Members represent a variety of diverse spiritual beliefs or paths across the religious spectrum (although a high percentage follow paths representative of Western Esotericism). The organization also hosts frequent gatherings in the Atlanta area as well as co-sponsors larger conferences of vampires that include such well-known speakers as Michelle Belanger, Pam Keesey, and members of the law-enforcement community. The Alliance also participates in the Voices of the Vampire community.


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