Atlantic cable

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Atlantic cable:

see cablecable,
originally wire cordage of great strength or heavy metal chain used for hauling, towing, supporting the roadway of a suspension bridge, or securing a large ship to its anchor or mooring. Today a cable often refers to a line used for the transmission of electrical signals.
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Leading telecom and fiber optic cable operator to host educational breakfast event for its South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) and Monet networks on January 20 at Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Since it is an alternative route to the North Atlantic cables, it will allow alternative connections from Asia and Africa to the rest of the world.
With letters patent to their name, and the Atlantic cable project behind them, Webster & Horsfall consolidated their ongoing success by expansion into a growing British light engineering revolution.
At 35 he had set up a wire-rope factory that developed into the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Company, which laid the first Atlantic cable.
In the Atlantic Cable Cup third round Inverurie Locos staged a superb comeback to beat Culter 2-1
The project was abandoned the following year when the North Atlantic cable proved a success.
With these purchases and acquisition of capacity on the Flag Atlantic cable which is expected to be available later this year, Teleglobe will have a multiple 10 Gbps transcontinental backbone network, offering services at the highest speeds commercially available today.
ftv can be seen in the US on Atlantic Cable, T-5 in KU band and Intelsat 907 in C-Band, in the UK on Sky Digital, and worldwide.
The Apollo Cable System, one of the most technically advanced Atlantic cable systems, is 13,000 km in length.

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