Atlantic Provinces

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Atlantic Provinces,

term used since 1949 to designate the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland and LabradorNewfoundland and Labrador
, province (2001 pop. 512,930), 156,185 sq mi (404,519 sq km), E Canada. The province consists of the island of Newfoundland and adjacent islands (2001 pop.
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, Nova ScotiaNova Scotia
[Lat.,=new Scotland], province (2001 pop. 908,007), 21,425 sq mi (55,491 sq km), E Canada. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia comprises a mainland peninsula and, across the Canso Strait, the adjacent Cape Breton Island.
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, New BrunswickNew Brunswick,
province (2001 pop. 729,498), 28,345 sq mi (73,433 sq km), including 519 sq mi (1,345 sq km) of water surface, E Canada. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, New Brunswick is bounded on the N by Chaleur Bay and Quebec prov.
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, and Prince Edward IslandPrince Edward Island,
province (2001 pop. 135,294), 2,184 sq mi (5,657 sq km), E Canada, off N.B. and N.S. Geography

One of the Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward Island lies in the Gulf of St.
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In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused an estimated C$150 million (a Canadian dollar equals US$0.76) in damage in Atlantic Canada.
Gael Force are building feeding barges in Atlantic Canada, designing and supplying mooring systems, feed cameras and other technology equipment for new sites in Newfoundland and Labrador, and along with that aims to support the existing fish farming site infrastructure for all producers.
Anderson McTague has served Atlantic Canada's independent insurance brokers since 1937.
They have a team of experienced professionals that provide high-quality service and innovative solutions, and we are eager to leverage this combination of expertise and creativity to meet the needs of Atlantic Canada's independent brokers.'
Totten plans to leverage Anderson McTague's experience with Lloyd's as well as its detailed knowledge of Atlantic Canada to further support broker partners.
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The AIPP provides a big advantage for students who finish a 2-year school program in a publicly funded institution in Atlantic Canada as they do not need any work experience to qualify under AIPP's international graduate program for permanent residency.
Prior to the development of Fibre Centre there was no physical place to directly access all of the networks in and traversing the region thus limiting the reach and capabilities of the networks as well as the collective economic development of the businesses and people that operate and live within Atlantic Canada.
"Sobeys express is a new concept for convenience shopping in Atlantic Canada," added Ryan.
Roux emphasized corporate pride in a plant that has contributed to homes, buildings and roads integral to daily life in Atlantic Canada.
The Warmth of the Welcome: Is Atlantic Canada a Home Away From Home for Immigrants?

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