Atlantic Coastal Plain

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Atlantic Coastal Plain


a lowland in North America that stretches along the Atlantic coast of the United States from New York to the tip of the Florida Peninsula. The Atlantic Coastal Plain, which ranges in width from 30 to 350 km, is composed of a complex of Anthropogenic marine sediments up to 1,000 m thick (limestones, sandstones, sands, and clays). The plain has elevations to 100 m. In the north the coast is dissected by large embayments—the Delaware and Chesapeake bays. The Southern coasts are dotted with lagoons and marshes, and there are coral reefs at the southern tip of Florida. Marine terraces are cut by the broad, swampy floodplains of rivers. The warm Gulf Stream flows along most of the coast. The Atlantic Coastal Plain has a subtropical, monsoonal climate except for southern Florida, which has a tropical climate with dry winters. The winter is warm and rainy, with the mean January temperature ranging from 0° to 20° C. Frosts occur almost everywhere. The summer is hot and humid, with the mean July temperature ranging from 22° to 28° C. Annual precipitation reaches 1,000 to 1,400 mm.

There are predominantly red podzolic, yellow podzolic, alluvial, soddy, and marsh soils. The natural vegetation is pine and mixed pine-oak forests; yew and swamp cypress forests are encountered in marshy regions. Forests of palms, Ficus, bayberry, and other tropical trees are found in southern Florida. Mangrove thickets occur along the shores. In places where the forests have been cleared, there are cotton and tobacco fields; apple, peach, and citrus fruit orchards; and plantings of early vegetables. The major cities along the plain are New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore, and Norfolk.


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* Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain Experimental Watershed
There are several other subspecies folks have identified, such as the yellow ratsnake along the Atlantic Coastal Plain between North Carolina and Florida--and the very similar Everglades ratsnake in Florida, that seem to show different colors as a possible adaptation to the local grasses.
Dorale also noted that although their findings disagree with some sea level estimates, such as those from Barbados and New Guinea that come from ancient coral reefs, they are in agreement with data gathered from other sites such as the Bahamas, the US Atlantic coastal plain, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and California.
The sand dollar echinoid Periarchus lyelli (Conrad) is a distinctive and well-known element of the fauna of Upper Eocene (Jackson) marls and limestones across the eastern Gulf of Mexico and lower Atlantic coastal plain. Hurricane Rita struck the Texas coast in September, 2005, and caused significant erosion on the northern shore of the Sam Rayburn Reservoir and created fresh exposure of sandstones and shales of the Upper Eocene Caddell Formation in the immediate vicinity of the type area.
Extended periods of drought during glacial episodes caused rivers in the Atlantic Coastal Plain to dry up, and western and southwestern winds deposited sand from the river bottoms along the eastern and northeastern banks of the rivers, thus forming the dunes.
Their music comes from the Carolina Piedmont, the area between Appalachia and the Atlantic coastal plain; it sounds like bluegrass with better banjo work.
Geographically, these papers cover ditch drained regions in the United States from the Atlantic coastal plain to the Mississippi drainage basin, but the findings of these papers should extend well beyond these areas.
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