Atlantic cable

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Atlantic cable:

see cablecable,
originally wire cordage of great strength or heavy metal chain used for hauling, towing, supporting the roadway of a suspension bridge, or securing a large ship to its anchor or mooring. Today a cable often refers to a line used for the transmission of electrical signals.
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The installation of the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) -- a subsea cable with 40 Tbps of capacity that will extend more than 6,500 km to Fortaleza, Brazil -- began on the Angolan coast in the municipality of Quissama.
Until the successful Atlantic Cable was laid at last in 1866, news between Britain and America travelled at the speed of a fast ship.
Well-known for its illustrations, Frank Leslie's Weekly showcased the big events that changed the world, ranging from John Brown's raid at Harpers Ferry to the Klondike gold rush and from laying 1858 Atlantic cable to the San Francisco earthquake.
A fascinating, original section of the first Atlantic cable, laid from Ireland to Newfoundland in the 1850s, can be seen in one of the cabinets.
Like the space program in the 20th century, the Atlantic cable extended the limits of the technology of its time.
In November 1866, Secretary of State William Seward sent an encrypted message through Atlantic Cable to U.S.
Must be something about the long electronic journey along that underwater Atlantic cable. After a minute or two I didn't wait.
Circuits in the Sea: The Men, the Ships, and the Atlantic Cable. By Chester G.
In 1861 he served as a clerk on board HMS Bulldog which was then engaged in surveying the northern route for the Atlantic cable.
In the Atlantic cable between Scotland and Newfoundland, voltages of up to 2,600 volts were recorded during the March 1940 magnetic storm.
Derby's government entered the Red Sea agreement despite the failure of the 1858 Atlantic cable, for public opinion strongly supported a secure line to India under British control.

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