Atlas Mountains

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Atlas Mountains,

system of ranges and plateaus in NW Africa, extending c.1,500 mi (2,410 km) from SW Morocco, through N Algeria, to N Tunisia; Jebel Toubkal (13,671 ft/4,167 m), in SW Morocco, is the highest peak. The Atlas Mts., predominantly folded mountains of sedimentary rock, were uplifted during the late Jurassic period. Geologically related to the Alpine system of Europe, they are separated from the Sierra NevadaSierra Nevada
, chief mountain range of S Spain, in Granada prov., running from east to west for c.60 mi (100 km), parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. The range's highest peak is Mulhacén (11,411 ft/3,478 m).
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 of Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar and from Sicily and the ApenninesApennines
, Ital. Appennino, mountain system, running the entire length of the Italian peninsula. It extends south c.840 mi (1,350 km) from the Cadibona Pass in Liguria, NW Italy, where the Apennines join with the Ligurian Alps, to the Strait of Messina; the mountains of
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 of Italy by the Mediterranean Sea; the Canary IslandsCanary Islands,
Span. Islas Canarias, group of seven islands (1990 pop. 1,589,403), 2,808 sq mi (7,273 sq km), autonomous region of Spain, in the Atlantic Ocean off Western Sahara. They constitute two provinces of Spain. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1990 pop.
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 are a westward extension. The Atlas system is most rugged in Morocco, where, from north to south, the Rif (or Rif Atlas), Middle Atlas, High or Grand Atlas (the highest part of the system), and Anti-Atlas are found; fertile lowlands separate the ranges. In Algeria the system becomes a series of plateaus, with the Tell Atlas and the Saharan Atlas rimming the extensive Plateau of the Chotts before converging in Tunisia.

The Atlas Mts. are a climatic barrier between the Mediterranean basin and the SaharaSahara
[Arab.,=desert], world's largest desert, c.3,500,000 sq mi (9,065,000 sq km), N Africa; the western part of a great arid zone that continues into SW Asia. Extending more than 3,000 mi (4,830 km), from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, the Sahara is bounded on the N by
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 Desert. The slopes facing north are generally well watered and have important farmland and forests; on these slopes are the headwaters of many streams used for irrigation. The slopes facing south and the drier areas of the system are generally covered with shrub and grasses and have salt lakes and salt flats; sheep grazing is important there. The Atlas Mts. are rich in minerals, especially phosphates, coal, iron, and oil.

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The nearby Atlas Mountains can be explored over the course of several days or more, and there are many gorgeous landscapes in the mountains and wonderful viewpoints of the city from the mountains as well.
To the girls living in the rural communities of the High Atlas Mountains, it is their daily struggle.
tailor an Atlas Mountains trek in Morocco to raise cash
Royal Ranches Marrakech comprises four districts including equestrian, residential, leisure and tourist areas located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.
THEY have travelled more than 1,000 miles, from the Atlas Mountains of North Africa.
Summary: Ideally situated on the edge of the bustling city streets, the elegant La Maison des Oliviers sits at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and provides secluded luxury and scenic city views.
The range includes organic cotton items and hemp and silk mix trousers all made by women artisans in Ain Leuh, a settlement high in the Middle Atlas mountains in Morocco.
The mother-of-two, in her 50s, from Truro Drive, Exmouth, Devon, was charged following the accident involving the 4x4 vehicle she was driving in the Atlas Mountains on March 29.
The sprawling house has swimming pools, roof terraces, five en-suite bedrooms and impressive views of the Atlas mountains.
On a holiday a couple of years ago, I drove through Morocco's beautiful Atlas Mountains commenting on the colourful local residents who looked to me like exotic characters from a Sinbad movie.
Set among palm trees against the back-drop of the snow-capped High Atlas mountains that soar to 13,000 feet, Marrakech's buildings are a thousand different shades of pink as the sun reflects off the surrounding red earth.
The chain of limestone mountains that defines the region, the Cordillera Betica, is part of the same geological formation as the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

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