Atlasov, Vladimar

Atlasov, Vladimar Vasil’evich


(Otlasov in some documents). Born circa 1661–64; died in 1711. Russian explorer; Siberian Cossack.

Between 1697 and 1699, Atlasov made trips through Kamchatka and levied tribute on the local population. Early in 1701 he went to Moscow, where he received the rank of cossack chief following the annexation of Kamchatka to Russia. He presented the first comprehensive description (skaski) of Kamchatka’s population and natural features, some information about the islands and territories near Kamchatka and the Chukotka Peninsula, and information on Japan. He was killed during a mutiny of the sluzhilye liudi (military service class) in Kamchatka.