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, in Germanic mythology, king who corresponds to the historic Attila. In the Nibelungenlied he appears as Etzel and in the Volsungasaga as Atli.
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Coach Atli Edvaldsson controls a young but experienced squad who beat Northern Ireland, Malta and the Czech Republic at home during qualifying for the last World Cup and in the past 15 months they have drawn with Bulgaria, Poland and Norway, three nations all far superior to Scotland.
Lee Beddows then put the hosts in front and Finn Atli Cokley forced a penalty that was converted by Blakeney with seven minutes remaining.
Korka ends up in Denmark, where she is sold as a slave to a Norwegian Viking named Atli Atlason, a chief warrior for Gongu-Hrolfur Rognvaldason, who later became the first chief of Normandy (France).
She is the sister of Gunnar (Gunther) and wife of the hero known in Old Norse as Sigurd (better known as Siegfried) and, after Sigurd's death, of Atli.
With: Atli Oskar Fjalarson, Hreindis Ylva Gardarsdottir, Birna Run Eiriksdottir, Haraldur Ari Stefansson, Elias Kofoed Hansen, Maria Birta.
Craig Gardner put Martin O'Neill's side ahead after 27 minutes but their battling opponents levelled three minutes later through Atli Bjornsson.
The Icelandic league leaders did eventually settle though and as Villa took a breather both Hjortur Logi Vilhjalmsson and Atli Gudnason threatened to reduce the arrears.
City Star Airlines which flies to Stavanger, Oslo and Bergen, was set up in 2003 by Icelandair checkin clerk Atli Arnason.
29: Atli Danielsen handles in the box aftermore trickery from Fletcher and Scotland get their second penalty.
Iceland manager Atli Edvaldsson has told Scotland to stop moaning about the dubious penalty in Wednesday's European Championship qualifier in Lithuania - they enjoyed spot luck themselves a few days before.
Getting them together is a nightmare for coach Atli Edvaldsson and Gudjohnsen agreed: "We don't ever get enough time with the rest of the players.
Atli Edvaldsson's side lost 2-0 to unfancied Hungary, but Vogts said: ``I had a friend there and he gave me good information.