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, in Germanic mythology, king who corresponds to the historic Attila. In the Nibelungenlied he appears as Etzel and in the Volsungasaga as Atli.
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She returns to Iceland long enough to tell Atli's father about her child.
Sigurdsson, Charlotte Boving, Steinn Armann Magnusson, Helgi Bjoernsson, Kjartan Ragnarsson, Atli Rafn Sigurdarson, Juan Camillo Roman Estrada, Sigridur Maria Egilsdottir.
Several studies have shown that the accumulation of heavy metals in fish tissues depend on the variety in size, age, sex, feeding behaviour, ecological needs of the individuals, season of capture (Farkas et al.,2003; Al-Yousuf et al., 2000; Canli et al., 2001), while other environmental factors such as salinity, pH, hardness and temperature of water also contribute metal accumulation (Canli and Atli, 2003; Kalay et al., 1999).
Accumulation of Cr (VI) in the tissues of organisms resulted in chronic illness and caused potential damage to the living organisms (Atli et al., 2006).
The Faroe Islands' three British-based players, goalkeeper Gunnar Nielsen of Tranmere, Joan Simun Edmundsson of Newcastle and Ross County defender Atli Gregersen, were all playing, the latter as captain.
Adonis Kutsubas and Turkish sculptor Ertug Atli have started to build a sculpture in Avanos town of the central province of Nevsehir.
3.29: Atli Danielsen handles in the box aftermore trickery from Fletcher and Scotland get their second penalty.
Merson, who dismissed speculation linking him with a move for Icelandic defender Atli Thorarinsson, also said the club were still having problems securing a work permit for South African striker Tony Nhleko.
Iceland manager Atli Edvaldsson had insisted it should have been a penalty - and that his team would then have gone on to win the match.
FURIOUS Iceland coach Atli Edvaldsson blasted the referee for denying his side a penalty against Scotland at Hampden.
Iceland boss Atli Edvaldsson was furious at referee Rene Temmink's refusal to award a penalty against Wilkie after a clash with Gudjohnsen in the box.
The Scots have already beaten Atli Edvaldsson's side in Reykjavik and can now complete a home and away double at Hampden Park.