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The design includes a highly efficient serial data interface and protocol combined with large, integrated high-performance memory and offload macro functions for statistics, metering and atomic operations.
This is because the atomic operations have to be used on a GPU to ensure correctness.
* atomic operations are performed remarkably faster (20x).
In our implementation, atomic operations are used during the elimination of duplicates.
Tokyo wants an international seal of approval for the energy-hungry country s nuclear industry to bolster its faltering efforts at reassuring the public it is safe to resume atomic operations.
The most dramatic element of the "decapitation" program is the planned assassination of top figures involved in Iran's atomic operations.
(In October, Iran gave the IAEA a full declaration of its atomic operations. But it omitted a number of research projects that could relate to a weapons program, such as advanced "P2" centrifuges that can make arms-grade uranium).Iran said last week it had given P2 designs to the IAEA, but the agency has yet to resolve traces of bomb-grade uranium found in the country last year.
This article presents our experience using optimistic synchronization to implement fine-grain atomic operations in the context of a parallelizing compiler for irregular, object-based computations.
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Atomic operations, commutativity analysis, synchronization, optimistic synchronization, parallel computing, parallelizing compilers
Also, it is just as imprecise to assert that the doctrine of intelligible species was "grounded in atomic operations presupposing no intelligence" as it is to assert that there was a "specific dualism between mind and body postulated by Aristotle and his medieval followers," for whom "mind and body are essentially separate entities" which can have some "mutual interaction" (pp.
The circles at the plane represent atomic operations at this level, and the arrows between atomic operations represent mappings between two levels.
In a modular program, command definitions may also include definitions of alternative operations to be run when an atomic operation fails; that is, it cannot be executed either because the object states are not consistent with the purpose of the operation or because one of its constitutent atomic operations fails.