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specialized publishing house of the State Committee on Publishing, Printing, and Book Trade of the USSR Council of Ministers; located in Moscow.

Atomizdat was established in 1957 as the publishing house of the Main Administrative Board on the Use of Atomic Energy of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Between 1960 and 1963 it was known as Gosatomizdat, and since 1963 it has been known as Atomizdat. It issues scientific, educational, reference, industrial, and popular scientific literature on atomic and nuclear physics, the physics of plasma, nuclear energy, the geology of the raw materials used in atomic industry, radiochemistry, solid state physics, the making of nuclear physics and isotopic instruments, dosimetry, ra-diobiology, protection from radiation, and other subjects. Atomizdat has published the journals Atomnaia energiia (Atomic energy) since 1956 and Atomnaia tekhnika za rubezhom (Atomic technology abroad) since 1957.


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