Attachment Unit Interface

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attachment unit interface

[ə¦tach·mənt ‚yü·nət ′in·tər‚f¯s]
A 15-pin connector on an Ethernet card for connecting a network cable. Abbreviated AUI.

Attachment Unit Interface

(AUI) The part of the IEEE Ethernet standard located between the MAC, and the MAU. The AUI is a transceiver cable that provides a path between a node's Ethernet interface and the MAU.


(Attachment Unit Interface) The network interface used with the original Ethernet. See 10Base5.
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The QuadPHY 10GX is a bi-directional XGMII to XAUI (10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface) transceiver with a fully redundant XAUI interface for working and protect switching architectures.
(Nasdaq:CNXT), has joined forces with Tyco Electronics, Blaze Network Products, and Alvesta to prove the feasibility of the 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface (XAUI) technology.
The MY3124 is a XAUI-to-CX4 Retimer device that has two identical 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interfaces (XAUI).