Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom

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Atterbom, Per Daniel Amadeus


Born Jan. 19, 1790, in Åsbo; died July 21,1855, in Uppsala. Swedish poet.

Atterbom was one of the representatives of the so-called phosphorists (from the name of the journal Phosphoros, in the publication of which Atterbom participated). They represented the reactionary trend in Swedish romanticism. In his dramatized fairy tale The Blue Bird (1814), in the romantic drama The Isle of Bliss (1824–27), and in his narrative poems and romances Atterbom used plots and characters drawn from folklore. He also wrote the book Swedish Seers and Skalds (1841–55).


Samlade dikter, vols. 1–6. Örebro, 1854–63.
Samlade skrifter, vols. 1–4. Örebro, 1859–64.


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