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(ă`tĭs) or


(ā`–), in Phrygian religion, vegetation god. When Nana ate the fruit of the almond tree, which had been generated by the blood of either Agdistis or of CybeleCybele
, in ancient Asian religion, the Great Mother Goddess. The chief centers of her early worship were Phrygia and Lydia. In the 5th cent. B.C. her cult was introduced into Greece, where she was associated with Demeter and Rhea.
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, she conceived Attis. Later, Agdistis or Cybele fell in love with Attis, and so that none other would have him, she caused him to castrate himself. Like Adonis, Attis came to be worshiped as a god of vegetation, responsible for the death and rebirth of plant life. Each year at the beginning of spring his resurrection was celebrated in a festival. In Roman religion he became a powerful celestial deity.


See Sir J. G. Frazer, Adonis, Attis, Osiris (1907, new ed. 1961).

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Consequently, it could be argued that through the sexual overtones in his reference to Ilias Atti the satirist seems to hint at the mixture of genres in the epic poetry of his time and, by extension, at the adoption of an unmanly poetic stance that recalls that of erotic elegy but appears inappropriate in a heroic epic as well as in other genres.
By trying to make the message more prominent, Attis actually achieved the opposite.
12) Not surprisingly, Attis is not mentioned in any of the accounts detailing the arrival of Magna Mater to Rome, although archaeological evidence confirms that Cybele was introduced along with her castrated consort.
Things are rising, my little brother, he's promised Attis.
Attis, who serves in the Army's Coldstream Guards, suffers from chronic regional pain syndrome and nerve damage after his knee swelled up while on the Salisbury Plain two years ago.
This came after the float carrying Attis got stuck in mud on the water-logged green preventing it from reaching the specially erected arena.
ATTIS EXPO organizer Keith Magnay said, "Open Skies by Navitaire provides a set of web tools that enable direct selling, reduce staff requirements, avoid costly settlement systems, and can provide all these functions without third parties such as IATA, BSP's, GDS's and clearing houses.
The contract is for the provision of services consisting in performing periodic maintenance, repair and testing of specialized medical equipment Center for Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine ATTIS Sp.
Agency : Centrum Leczniczo-Rehabilitacyjne i Medycyny Pracy Attis Sp.
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14)) On the other hand, in 1390 the established mistress of Giangaleazzo Visconti, Agnese Mantegazza, was mentioned as "domine Agnetis, concubine domini comitis Virtutum" while at the same time a woman who is otherwise unknown was designated "domine Lusote, amasie domini comitis Virtutum"(15) When in the 1460s Pius II wrote that Isotta degli Atti was the concubina of Sigismondo Malatesta, he was deliberately denying their 1456 marriage.