Attitude Control

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attitude control

[′ad·ə‚tüd kən‚trōl]
(aerospace engineering)
The regulation of the attitude of an aircraft, spacecraft, and so on.
A device or system that automatically regulates and corrects attitude, especially of a pilotless vehicle.

Attitude Control


control of the angular motion of a spacecraft on free-flight legs—that is, the process of imparting to the craft’s axes a certain position with respect to given directions. Systems that accomplish this task (attitude-control systems) operate under conditions of small disturbing moments that act on the spacecraft. This makes possible the use in such systems of a number of principles and devices that are not used in other spacecraft control systems.

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The company's patented and proprietary technology provides attitude control that is more precise and less complex to operate than any other small satellite system on the market.
The proposed design uses combined measurements from magnetometers, gyroscopes, and sun sensors for attitude determination and electromagnetic torquers for primary attitude control with 3 degree accuracy; the propulsion system could be used for high-precision attitude control, but detailed analysis is left for future work [4].
The Orion Flight Test evaluated launch and high speed re-entry systems such as avionics, attitude control, parachutes and the heat shield.
Using aviation attitude control, a fuzzy logic algorithm and gyroscopic technology, the Airwheel S3 is designed to be light-weight (25kg) and energy-efficient, and can cover dozens of miles with only one charge, making it the ideal transporter for short trips.
The mission evaluated the SM-3 Block IIA's kinetic warhead and divert and attitude control system functionality, in addition to nosecone performance, steering control section function, booster separation, and second and third stage rocket motor separation.
The PTB-2 mission will provide hosting services such as power, attitude control and communications for up to 75 kg of customer payloads.
Aerojet Rocketdyne s devotion is 4 launch-abort engines, 24 orbital maneuvering and attitude control engines and 28 reaction control system engines, besides with their pertinent hardware.
The main problem in direct application of standard sliding PID control strategy to rigid body attitude control is definition of position error in terms of Euler angles.
The Himawari-6 regained attitude control in the early hours of Thursday following repair work from the ground, the officials said.
It includes an integrated propulsion system as well as other critical subsystems for communications, attitude control, thermal control, command and data handling.
With weapons such as a parasitic attitude control system (PACS) with anti-satellite (ASAT) capabilities and the tactics on how to use them, space warfare can begin to break the bonds of 50 years of earthbound politics and thought, thereby fulfilling its potential.
Among the Antelope Valley contributions to the Apollo program were the reaction control thrusters for attitude control in space developed for the X-15 program, a rocket plane that moonwalker Neil Armstrong flew seven times during his time at Edwards Air Force Base.

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