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I would not wish to deny the great part Churchill played in our victory in the Second World War, but Attlee, no spin doctor, put his shoulder to the wheel and worked his heart out for the sake of our nation.
Attlee was the longest-serving leader, with an astounding 20 years, from 1935 to 1955.
My direct question to Attlee was that since Gandhi's Quit India Movement had tapered off quite some time ago and in 1947 no such new compelling situation had arisen that would necessitate a hasty British departure, why did they had to leave?
For Clement Attlee was himself formed by his experiences and activities in this critical period when Victorian philanthropy met and was forced to come to terms with working-class self-organisation in the crucible of London's East End.
Let's stop being modest about Attlee and give him the statue and credit he deserves.
Attlee was the presiding figure at three great turning points in twentieth-century British history.
They pooled together some of their own clothing coupons so that the Prime Minister, Mr Attlee, would gain the new overcoat within the clothing coupon rules that operated during the war and in early post-war Britain.
It is a good way to begin the collection as Attlee discovers that special "thing" she needs to start a life of her own, free thinking and determined, on the only planet she has ever known.
Ideas and economic crises in Britain from Attlee to Blair (1945-2005).
There are those who think Clement Attlee was the greatest prime minister of the 20th century and those who think he wasn't much to write home about.
Original editions of The Gardens of Italy are rather scarce, so this new book with text by the garden historian Helena Attlee is most welcome.
With the Speaker, Michael Martin at her side, she said: "Above all, I could not ask better company for it - with Lloyd George, Attlee and Churchill - three great Prime Ministers, one of them our greatest ever.