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attorney general

1. a country's chief law officer and senior legal adviser to its government
2. (in the US) the chief law officer and legal adviser of a state government
3. (in some states of the US) a public prosecutor
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Attorney General


in Britain, the USA, and several other countries, one of the highest officers of justice. In Britain the attorney general is a member of the cabinet, is the principal legal adviser to the government who conducts court cases and other legal proceedings affecting the interests of the state, and supports the prosecution in court in cases which have a particular political importance. In the USA the attorney general is the head (minister) of the Department of Justice and the principal legal adviser to the federal government. Some states also have the office of attorney general.

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It represents payments due to the attorney-general's office for legal costs awarded to it by the courts.
352, 352 (1905) (discussing the advisory positions of early Attorneys General as Crown Attorneys to the King of England and his ministers); Henry Barrett Learned, The Attorney-General and the Cabinet, 24 POL.
The gist of the article is that the Attorney-general, although he was right in saying that he should abstain from either appointing a commission of inquiry or a criminal investigation in the case of the President of the Supreme Court since the Attorney-general could be said to be personally involved in the matter, on the other hand, the Attorney-general did not display the same attitude in the case of the investigation involving the Deputy Attorney-general.
These responsibilities were transferred from the law division to the attorney-general's office.
Surprisingly, sources said that none of these law officers were appointed by the Attorney-General, who is the head of all law officers.
Erotokritou was convicted last month to three-and-a-half years in jail for conspiring to subvert the course of justice and bribery while serving as deputy attorney-general in 2013.
According to the constitution, the attorney-general of the Republic and his deputy serve under the same terms as supreme court justices.
In the 17-page document, Erotokritou argued that the Greek translation of his title -- deputy Attorney-general -- on Clerides' request is misleading.
Last Saturday, Politis published a report about a court case in which deputy Attorney-general Akis Papasavvas had been demanding compensation from the state of e1/4125,000 in damages for being forced into early retirement in 2001 when he was working as senior counsel at the Attorney-general's office.