John Aubrey

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John Aubrey
author, antiquarian, biographer

Aubrey, John

(ô`brē), 1626–97, English antiquary and miscellaneous writer, b. Kingston, Wiltshire, educated at Trinity College, Oxford. He knew most of the famous people of his day and left copious memorandums as well as letters. His most celebrated work, Lives of Eminent Men, was originally compiled for the use of Anthony WoodWood or à Wood, Anthony,
1632–95, English antiquary. His painstaking researches into the history of Oxford resulted in two great works, The History and Antiquities of the University of Oxford
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 in his Athenae Oxonienses. The Lives first appeared in print in 1813. Only his Miscellanies (1696), a collection of stories and folklore, was published in his lifetime. Extremely interested in antiquities, he wrote the Natural History of Wiltshire (ed. by John Britton, 1847) and Perambulation of Surrey, which was included in the Natural History and Antiquities of Surrey (1719).


See R. Scurr, ed., John Aubrey: My Own Life (comp. from his papers, 2016).

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