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Beardsley, Aubrey Vincent


Born Aug. 24, 1872, in Brighton; died Mar. 16, 1898, in Menton. English graphic artist.

In numerous illustrations for magazines (The Yellow Book, 1894–95; The Savoy, 1896) and for books (O. Wilde’s Salome, 1894), Beardsley developed the decadent and symbolist art of the late Pre-Raphaelites, combining it with influences from Japanese prints. Beardsley’s refined, fanciful, and often morbid art, with its masterful interplay of silhouette and outline, exhibited many traits characteristic of modern-style graphics.


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You remember the ones: the bottom-scratching tennis girl and the stark black and white erotic fantasies of Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898).
Aubrey Beardsley was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of seven; he started drawing a year later, and didn't stop till he died, in 1898, at the age of 25.
its black lace wings as if drawn by Aubrey Beardsley,
I long for earlier Volpones where the famous bed is in heavy shadows, and where Volpone's bizarre servants, the hermaphrodite, the eunuch and the dwarf, Nano, can appear whispering and laughing, like an Aubrey Beardsley illustration reeking of underworld decadence.
While Singh's earlier erotic drawings from 2010 suggest Aubrey Beardsley, his subsequent use of washes and proliferating penises in a religious context call to mind Bhupen Khakhar's watercolors.
Y en el catalogo para jovenes y adultos contamos con clasicos de la literatura universal como Poe, Stevenson, Kafka, Melville y Baudelaire, cuyas obras son interpretadas por artistas de la talla de Plarry Clarke, Aubrey Beardsley, Marc Chagall, Pat Andrea, Lorenzo Mattotti y Luis Scafati,
One of Barry Moser's illustrations takes Donohue's face as a model for Herod--perhaps in a sly bow to Aubrey Beardsley, who incorporated Wilde's features into several of his illustrations, thereby suggesting Wilde's intimate connection with the action and the characters of Salome.
Resembling giant rubber ink-stamp images, they are perched in oddball positions reminiscent of the black-and-white line drawings of Aubrey Beardsley, hinting at the sensuous intrigue of Gustav Klimt and Georges Seurat.
At least since Aubrey Beardsley seated Salome, naked but for a veil, at a dressing-table to be primped and powdered for her performance, Oscar Wilde's Judean princess has been deemed in dire need of a makeover.
I travelled to Menton to meet her, and paid my respects at Le Gallienne's hard by that of Aubrey Beardsley, high on a hilltop overlooking grave, the sparkling blue Mediterranean.
Intricately patterned drawings in black or blue ballpoint pen buzz with electricity, movement, and visual inventiveness, playing symmetry against dissymmetry while evoking influences as varied as Art Deco, Native American and pre-Columbian art, science fiction illustration, graffiti tags, and the work of Eduardo Paolozzi, with a hint of Aubrey Beardsley thrown in.
Sidney Sime (1867-1941), nurtured at the Liverpool School of Art, is one such neglected painter, despite being compared to Aubrey Beardsley, William Blake and Goya.