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, aubrieta, aubretia
any trailing purple-flowered plant of the genus Aubrieta, native to European mountains but widely planted in rock gardens: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
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(also Aubrietia), a genus of low perennial herbaceous plants of the family Cruciferae. The plants generally form dense mats. The flowers are in few-flowered racemes. The two inner sepals are sac like, and the petals are violet, purple, lilac, or white. The fruits are short pods or, less frequently, silicles. There are about 12 species of Aubrieta, distributed eastward from the mountains of the Mediterranean region to Iran. The best-known species is Aubrieta deltoidea, which is found on the Balkan Peninsula and in Asia Minor. The plants are popular ornamentals in rock gardens and borders; they flower abundantly in the spring. Garden forms and varieties are mainly under cultivation; they are united under the name A. X cultorum.

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Rock cress comes from the Caucasus mountains, Aubrieta particularly grows in southern Europe in mountainous regions between rocks and stones.
To order by debit/credit card call 0844 448 2451 quoting SM00435 or send a cheque made payable to MGN SM00435 to Ground Cover Aubrieta Offer (SM00435), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY or visit
Rock plants such as aubrieta, phlox, thyme and helianthemum can be increased by cuttings now.
To keep basket-of-gold, candytuft, common aubrieta, moss pink, rockcress, and other low-growing, spring-blooming perennials full and compact, remove spent blooms and 1 or 2 inches of growth.
(Aubrieta deltoidea) Rock Cress--a low, mat or cushion-forming plant that spreads by thin rhizomes.
The following Stalham Sprint Handicap (3.40) looks a lot tougher, with the only really notable last-time performances coming from Mousehole and, admittedly in low grade, Aubrieta.
A NECTAR-rich flowers such as honesty, aubrieta, bergenia, inula, hebe, lavender, French marigolds, thyme, hyssop and marjoram are great magnets for butterflies.
Ann Willis, from Guisborough sent in this picture of purple aubrieta
?Take cuttings of rock plants such as aubrieta, alyssum, phlox, thyme and dianthus.
I visit the prison on a grim, rainy day and once through the strict security gates and imposing fencing topped with barbed wire, I come across beds of primroses, aubrieta and lilac, ornamental grasses, alliums and Japanese maples.
THERE are few plants as generous of flower as aubrieta, pictured, a stalwart of the rockery, its flowers cascading over stones and walls casting a sea of blue and purple hues from April and through May.