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(1) An official personal reception by the head of state (king, president), Roman pope, and the like.

(2) In international law, the reception by the head of state for the chief of a diplomatic mission, as well as for the chief of a foreign mission or of an international organization which is located in the given state. The chiefs of diplomatic missions and special missions, regardless of their class or rank, have the right to an audience. Moreover, an audience, as a rule, is given when credentials or letters of recall are presented or upon the request of the chief of a mission or of a special mission.

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What does it mean when you dream about an audience?

If the dreamer is in front of an audience, this could reflect a situation in one’s environment in which one feels that one is attracting more attention than usual. It could also represent anxiety about being exposed. If one dreams about being in an audience, one might be witnessing something about oneself or some aspect of one’s life.

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So, given that audience participation is considered a type of action, linking it to the Giddensian understanding of action and power broadens the concept of participation so that it is not strictly tied to instances of formal decision-making (as with Carpentier 2011), but rather encompasses all types of influence from audiences on the content of the news media.
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