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The science of hearing.



the study of hearing. Audiology studies the condition of a person’s hearing and the causes of deafness and hearing disorder and develops methods for their diagnosis and prophylaxis. The study of the influence of industrial factors (noise, vibration, toxic materials) on the auditory functions and the prophylaxis of these disorders occupies an important place. The practical goal of audiology is to combat deafness. With the development of functional ear surgery, the object of which is the restoration and improvement of hearing, audiology has come to include the study of the advisability of ear operations and the appraisal of their results. The elaboration of methods for combating hearing disorders in children is a special area in audiology— pedaudiology.


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You need an audiologist to ensure that you adjust[to the hearing aids] accordingly.
Now is the time for audiologists to analyze their pricing model to ensure it is in the best interest of their business.
They were told that if they desired further services after reading the workbook, they were welcome to attend two group workshops, separated by 2 wk and conducted by one of the three PATM audiologists.
It offers a personal touch, and when it appears on Facebook, business websites and other media in search engines, it enables a much more prominent audiologist marketing opportunity.
Once the audiologist confirms the degree of hearing loss, she assists the child in maximizing any residual hearing.
HPOs are expected to arrange for their unit to participate in an annual hearing health briefing from one of the FCHP preventive medicine audiologists.
Audiologists are health care professionals trained to evaluate and test hearing, hearing loss and related disorders.
Janet Jackson, senior audiologist at the Calderdale Royal, said: "The extra work our staff have put in has brought about excellent results.
There are not enough people in our industry for me to be able to cherry pick them--everyone in the industry is sought after--so the only way is to train my staff to become audiologists.
At Scrivens we have been leading the way in high street hearing care for over 50 years and have a large team of hearing aid audiologists across the UK, many of whom are BSHAA members.
2) Dad Chris Edwards holds up Kcezi before his appointment at UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday to have his cochlear implant turned on by audiologists.
Branson and Miller critically address the impact of this "normalizing" treatment on deaf people for the early twentieth-century when audiologists played key roles in determining who was "treatable" for residual hearing.