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That part of a theater, school, or public building which is set aside for the audience for listening and viewing.
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At the district level AUDR was positioned in the hospitals directly involved in the medical care of the affected population.
One of the main objectives of AUDR was to establish a database of individual annual doses and identify categories of observation.
Audr had been away from home for around 23 years and we felt it was the right time to leave Aberdeen and move to Iceland permanently.
Gisli struggles to balance his obligations to Pordis and Porkell with the deeper emotional bond that he has formed with Audr and Vesteinn, who appear to share Gisli's and his father's uncompromising ethical outlook.
Thus it was far better for Audr the Deepminded to be technically buried at sea below the high-tide mark in what had not yet become Christianized Iceland than for her to be buried in unsanctified dry land.