August 11

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August 11


Asanha Bucha Day (First full moon of eighth lunar month) Aug 11, 2022

Baby Parade (Second Thursday in August) Aug 11, 2011; Aug 11, 2016; Aug 11, 2022

Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Battle of Flowers (Second Thursday in August) Aug 11, 2011; Aug 11, 2016; Aug 11, 2022
Celebrated in: Austria

Billiken Day (Second Saturday in August) Aug 11, 2012; Aug 11, 2018

Burry Man Day (Second Friday in August) Aug 11, 2017; Aug 11, 2023

Chuseok (15th day of the eighth lunar month) Aug 11, 2022

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Hora at Prislop (Second Sunday in August) Aug 11, 2013; Aug 11, 2019

'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Aug 11, 2017; Aug 11, 2023

Mount Ceahlau Feast (Second Sunday in August) Aug 11, 2013; Aug 11, 2019

Puck Fair (August 10-12)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Fathers' DaySamoa
Heroes' DayZimbabwe
Independence DayChad
Youth DayKiribati

Legal Holidays in United States

Victory DayRhode Island
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Summary: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug 11 (ANI): An attempt to loot a Jammu and Kashmir ATM in Srinagar's Somerbugh was foiled by alert locals on Friday.
By Sainsbury's Ham and Egg Salad, 240g, use by Aug 9-14 | By Sainsbury's Potato and Egg Salad, 300g, use by Aug 9-14 | Morrison's Potato and Egg Salad, 250g, use by Aug 13 | Morrisons Egg and Cress Sandwich, Morrisons Cafe only, use by Aug 11 | Morrisons Cafe Sandwich Selection, Morrisons Cafe only, use by Aug 11 | Waitrose Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Deli Filler, 240g, use by Aug 13&16 | Waitrose Free Range Reduced Fat Egg Mayonnaise Deli Filler, 170g, use by Aug 14 | Waitrose Free Range Egg and Bacon Deli Filler, 170g, use by Aug 14&16 | Asda Baby potato and free range egg salad, 270g, use by Aug 9-14 | Asda Spinach and free range egg snack pot, 110g, use by Aug 9-13 | Asda FTG Ham and Cheddar ploughman's salad bowl, 320g, use by Aug 9-13
As far as the Intra Party Elections are concerned, the PPPP produced a certificate stating that the party organization has taken a decision on Dec 27, 2015 to hold intra party elections on Jan 24, 2017, while JUI (F) provided a certificate that the party election has taken place on Aug 11, 2014 and thus, the new election is due on Aug 11, 2017 if JUI (F) holds the election within three years.
Dublin, Shawwal 4, 1434, Aug 11, 2013, SPA -- In the presence of Saudi acting charge d'affaires in Ireland Ali Alnoghmoosh Alqahtani, Irish President Michael Higgins honored the winners of the pre-final round of the finals of the United Nations Unions Cup for the International Federations of Hurdle Jumping, which was held under the auspices of the Saudi Equestrian Fund Arabia in the Irish capital Dublin during the period from 7 to Aug.
Cost: Free entry Saturday Departure Lounge, Abergele 01745 826226 Event: Singer/guitarist Steve McClaren Date: Aug 11.
Muldwych With Celtic in the US on Aug 11 for SellOutSaturday, I would welcome any of their fans to Pittodrie, sure any other fans would too.
European Veg Oil AM Palm & Lauric Oil Prices - Aug 11
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 11, 2006 - (JCN) - 'Dogatch', a VOD portal run by Presentcast, added news clips to its menu on August 11.
KOS (7nts, s/c) Aug 11, Newcastle, pounds 389, Sunstart (0870 850 3928); CYPRUS (7nts, s/c) Aug 11, Stansted, pounds 399, First Choice (0870 850 3928); GREECE (7nts, s/c) Aug 15, Manchester, pounds 319, Manos (08707 582 519).
Marc Salem's Out of his Mind, Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, 0131 226 2428, 6pm (not Aug 11 & 18), pounds 5- pounds 11 (pounds 5-pounds 10).
AUG 11 Fine and warm day, lots of sunshine but cooler than July (18-21C).
Summary: Kabul [Afghanistan], Aug 11 (ANI): At least 16 civilians were reportedly killed in an airstrike carried out by foreign forces in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.