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Breast cancer after augmentation mammoplasty. Ann Surg Oncol.
The first clinical study, LANTERN-1, one of two Phase 2 clinical studies, is a placebo-controlled, double-blind ascending dose cohort trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of EB-001 intramuscular injections in subjects undergoing elective augmentation mammoplasty (breast augmentation).
Augmentation mammoplasty for cosmetic enlargement was first attempted in the 19th century, leading to development of the first silicone gel implant in 1962.
abscessus has been associated with a variety of infections including skin and soft-tissue infections (following puncture wounds or inoculations), pulmonary infection, infections related to foreign material (e.g., porcine and prosthetic cardiac grafts, prosthetic joints, intravenous and dialysis catheters, tympanoplasty tubes, and augmentation mammoplasty), and postsurgical infections (e.g., sternal wound) (1).
Augmentation mammoplasty: a new "natural feel" prosthesis.

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