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in ancient Rome, one of the oldest priestly bodies, which interpreted the will of the gods by means of auspices.

According to ancient Roman tradition, the augurs were established by Romulus. In 300 B.C. they consisted of nine men, five of whom were plebeians, and during Julius Caesar’s time the number of augurs rose to 16. Membership in the augurs was highly valued by Roman aristocrats because it provided opportunities to influence legislation. With the passage of time the augurs’ activity became a merely formal procedure, to the point that, according to Cicero, the augurs themselves could hardly keep from laughing while carrying out the procedure, since they themselves did not believe in it.

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Roman officials who interpreted omens. [Rom. Hist.: Parrinder, 34]
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Initially, the animosity and differences between the augurs and judges are not stated clearly, so their constant fighting seems nonsensical and potentially baseless.
Malacanang said on Wednesday that 'history has been written' in the aftermath of the summit between the leaders of the United States and North Korea and that this augured well for world peace.
The orientation towards growth across sectors augurs well for the domestic IT industry, however, things more or less remain 'status quo' (stagnant) from the offshore or exports perspective - as there is no change in the position.
He was turned down as being too inexperienced, so Peter built a prototype grain augur in the basement of his home.
The end of the in-fighting over our structure and the success of the Welsh Under-21 side augurs well for the future.
With Jeff Eckhardt working tirelessly up front and Garry Shephard showing excellent speed and control, there was a perkiness about the display that augurs well for the visits of Bath City next Saturday and Swansea a week tomorrow.
He jumped well, travelled well and, having stayed 12 furlongs on the level, he ought to get twoand-a-half miles or more at the jumping game, so it augurs well that he also had the speed to win over the minimum trip here.
Dairy herd managers, cattle feed-lot managers, and grain farmers often have to raise feed or grain 12 feet high or more to dump it into high-sided mix-wagon augurs or truck beds.
The win augurs well for the World Veteran Championships in Prague next year.
This first success stems from consultations between the two groups and augurs well for further contracts from other on-going calls for tenders, notably concerning various parts of the aerostructure, on-board equipment and cabling of the A380 and certain business aircraft.
With the dancers displaying garlands, this scene augurs the Garland Dance from The Sleeping Beauty.
Yet having a single industry organization augurs well for focusing down on the technical issues.