August Senoa

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Šenoa, August


Born Nov. 14, 1838, in Zagreb; died there Dec. 13,1881. Croatian writer.

Šenoa studied law in Zagreb and Prague between 1857 and 1865. He was first published in 1861. In his short stories and novellas he denounced bourgeois-landowner society, exposed the arbitrariness of the bureaucracy, and depicted the peasantry’s lack of rights. Such historical novels as The Goldsmith’s Treasure (1871; Russian translation, 1963), Beware of the Hands of Sen] (1875), and Damnation (1881) are distinguished by their documentary nature. The periods dealt with are portrayed in a thorough and objective manner, and the author displays a fine understanding of progressive trends. The novel Peasant Uprising (1877; Russian translation, 1955) deals with the Matija Gubec Revolt of 1573 and portrays the people as a progressive historical force.

Despite the presence of some elements of romantic didacticism, Šenoa’s works on the whole affirm the principles of realism, national content, and national uniqueness in literature and art. Šenoa also wrote publicist articles and works of literary criticism.


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