August 10

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August 10


Asanha Bucha Day (First full moon of eighth lunar month) Aug 10, 2014

Baby Parade (Second Thursday in August) Aug 10, 2017; Aug 10, 2023

Bat Flight Breakfast (Second Thursday in August) Aug 10, 2017; Aug 10, 2023

Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Battle of Flowers (Second Thursday in August) Aug 10, 2017; Aug 10, 2023
Celebrated in: Austria

Billiken Day (Second Saturday in August) Aug 10, 2013; Aug 10, 2019

Burry Man Day (Second Friday in August) Aug 10, 2012; Aug 10, 2018

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Festas Gualterianas (Four days beginning the first Sunday in August) Aug 10, 2011; Aug 10, 2016; Aug 10, 2022

Hora at Prislop (Second Sunday in August) Aug 10, 2014

'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Aug 10, 2012; Aug 10, 2018

Mount Ceahlau Feast (Second Sunday in August) Aug 10, 2014

Puck Fair (August 10-12)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Fathers' DaySamoa
National DayEcuador

Legal Holidays in United States

Victory DayRhode Island
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References in classic literature ?
Sir, your favors of August 10th, September 23d, and of December 1st, were received in due season, and the first answered by return of packet.
August 10th, 18--." Having perused the inscription, I looked down at the form sitting bent and thoughtful just under my eyes, unconscious of the vicinity of any living thing; it was a slim, youthful figure in mourning apparel of the plainest black stuff, with a little simple, black crape bonnet; I felt, as well as saw, who it was; and, moving neither hand nor foot, I stood some moments enjoying the security of conviction.
ENPNewswire-August 12, 2019--CN 100 Celebrations in Charlottetown, PEI on August 10th at Confederation Centre of the Arts; CN Announces Donation to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation and a Legacy Forest
Tron meanwhile, maligned in recent weeks following reports of regulatory issues in China, is due to enhance the capacity of its content-sharing platform with the launch of the Sun Network on August 10th.
All paid parking zones, except for multi-level parking terminals, will be free to use from August 10th to 13th.
Daraz's stall at Sohrab Goth will remain till August 10th and offers an excellent opportunity to customers in Karachi to purchase their animals before Eid!
National Lazy Day is coming up on Saturday, August 10th and to celebrate, Heartland Animal Shelter is hosting their first-ever Non-Event.
The next edition of the event is on Sunday, August 10th from 4-10pm.
Their results appear in the August 10th Astrophysical Journal.
The Forbearance Agreement has recently been extended from July 27th to August 10th. The Negative Watch reflects continued delays in reaching substantial completion, which pose the risk of a potential termination event under the concession agreement.
The two-week Freedom Service Camp is from August 10th - 30th, 2018 at its dealer workshops across the country.