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The Hurriyet leaders, who are spearheading the ongoing uprising in the Valley, have called for Referendum March to Lal Chowk today on August 14 and observance of Black Day tomorrow, on August 15.
SLAITHWAITE: August 12 A lock on a shed was forced by an burglar, who entered the building and stole a lawnmower; August 15 A window of a Citroen Berlingo was smashed and a wallet was stolen.
The last decree issued by minister, just before the approval of the law, did not stipulate August 15 as a non-working day for shops and there is nothing that can be done to change this.
A story in the August 15 News on the Bar's loan to The Florida Bar Foundation gave the wrong figure for the peak of Foundation reserves several years ago.
River Chenab at Qadirabad is likely to attain high to very high flood level ranging between 400,000 cusecs to 500,000 cusecs during the period 1200 PST of August 15 to 2400 PST of August 15.
Craiglands Jim Goldie Bangor, Saturday, August 15 His stamina was not completely proven at this distance pre-race and he appeared to be ridden with that in mind in the 3m handicap chase.
patent: 6,103,847 Issued: August 15, 2000 Inventors: Kenrick M.
To listen to the conference call, please dial into the conference operator no later than 8:45 AM (PDT) on August 15, 2012 at (888) 544-7920.
m Monday, August 15, 2011, A Celebration of Life at the Cohasse Country Club Restaurant, 393 Eastford Rd.
Michael Jarvis Won, Kempton, August 15 At the crossroads and has half a mind to take the wrong road.
Mr Herron is taking advice from a top QC and believes that within months the High Court will rule that all money gained from tickets issued by Liverpool City Council's decriminalised parking regime before August 15 this year will have to be repaid to motorists.
I thought your August 15 issue to be one of the best ever published.