August 15

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August 15


Acadian Day (Two weeks in August)

Asanha Bucha Day (First full moon of eighth lunar month) Aug 15, 2019

Chief Seattle Days (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Crow Fair (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Daimyo Gyoretsu (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Hobo Convention (One week in mid-August) Aug 15, 2021

Hope Watermelon Festival (Second weekend in August) Aug 15, 2021

Indian Market (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Jour de Fete Ste. Genevieve (Second full weekend in August) Aug 15, 2021

'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Aug 15, 2014

Mohegan Homecoming (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Mystery Play (August 14-15)

Omak Stampede and Suicide Race (Second weekend in August) Aug 15, 2021

Payson Rodeo (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Pickle Festival (Third weekend in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Pine Battle of Vinuesa (August 14-16)

Three Choirs Festival (Third full week in August) Aug 15, 2021

Woodward Dream Cruise (Third Saturday in August) Aug 15, 2015; Aug 15, 2020

Legal Holidays by Countries

AssumptionCosta Rica
Assumption DayAndorra, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Gabon, Greece, Guinea, Haiti, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malta, Mauritius, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Rwanda, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, Spain, Togo, Vanuatu
Bangabandhu National Mourning DayBangladesh
Constitution DayEquatorial Guinea
Founding of AsuncionParaguay
Independence DayIndia, Republic of Congo
Liberation DayNorth Korea, South Korea
National DayLiechtenstein
St. Mary's DayGambia

Legal Holidays in United States

Statehood DayHawaii
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On August 15th last year, I saw Venus and Jupiter, Procyon, and then the last "herald" of Sirius, Beta ([beta]) Canis Majoris--also known as Mirzam (or Murzim).
HARDY OF YORK ACROSS DOWN 1 Key-making expert (9) 6 Per person (4) 7 Egyptian landmark (6) 9 Capital of Belgium (8) 11 Heavy metal used to make bathtubs (4,4) 13 US currency (6) 14 - Collins, Genesis drummer and vocalist (4) 15 Crisis (9) 2 Spiny desert plant (6) 3 Rude (8) 4 Frozen precipitation (4) 5 Six-sided (9) 6 Decorate with stitches (9) 8 Rise in intensity (8) 10 Mischievous ragged child (6) 12 Adhesive (4) SOLUTION to Crossword August 15th ACROSS: 1 Square; 3 Lass; 7 Talk; 8 Kidney; 10 Lecturer; 13 Starling; 16 Aboard; 17 Tuna; 18 Reed; 19 Detest.
Peacefully in hospital on August 15th, aged 90 years, Stanley (Stan), a loving husband of the late Hilda, a much loved dad, grandad and great grandad of all the family.
The Algerian side, who have a 100% winning record so far, host Ahly on August 15th for the top of Group B.
A A A The collection rate of soft wheat reached 45 million quintals on August 15th, that is a 41 percent increase compared to 2006, a year of good harvest when the rate was only 8 percent, ONICL said in a faxed statement.
Summary: Lebanese artists Najwa Karam and Melhim Barakat cancelled their performance scheduled for August 15th at the Oscar Palace in Lebanon
LAN Peru adds Cali (Colombia) as a new international destination which people will be able to arrive three times a week via Quito from August 15th in Airbus 319, with capacity for 144 passengers.
August 15th saw a new leader appointed for the South.
They extend from July 3rd to August 15th. This year, with energy costs at an all-time high and expected to keep on rising, it's an excellent time to beat the heat and high energy bills by buying a new air-conditioning system.
WITH regard to your story on Tuesday, August 15th, "pounds 10m for Angels of North Wales", I think it's a great idea.
IT is now the Bar One Irish Sprint Cup which will draw the crowds to Dundalk on August 15th - the original Dundalk International date - and tonight's final at the County Louth venue looks a cracker, writes Ian Fortune.
A special wreath-laying ceremony will be held on August 15th at Birmingham's Hall of Memory, Centenary Square, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of VJ Day.