August 1

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August 1


Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Billy the Kid Pageant (First weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Crop Over (Last three weeks in July to first Monday in August)

Cross-Quarter Days (February 1, May 1, August 1, November 1)

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Dublin Irish Festival (First weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Festas Gualterianas (Four days beginning the first Sunday in August) Aug 1, 2021

Festival Interceltique (First Friday in August until second Sunday in August) Aug 1, 2014

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Aug 1, 2013; Aug 1, 2014; Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2019; Aug 1, 2020; Aug 1, 2021

Gift of the Waters Pageant (First full weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Icelandic Festival (First weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Aug 1, 2014

Marian Days (First weekend of August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Merengue Festival (Last week in July-first week in August)

National Czech Festival (First full weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Oakley Festival (First weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Sinjska Alka (First weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Steinbeck Festival (First week in August) Aug 1, 2021

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (First Monday of August through following Sunday) Aug 1, 2011; Aug 1, 2016; Aug 1, 2022

Thjodhatid (First weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Twins Days Festival (First full weekend in August) Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2020

Volksfest (First Sunday in August) Aug 1, 2021

Legal Holidays by Countries

August HolidayIreland
August MondaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Commerce DayIceland
Emancipation DayBahamas, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago
Farmers' DayZambia
Independence DayBenin
J'ouvertAntigua and Barbuda
Last LapAntigua and Barbuda
Official Birthday of the Reigning Sovereign of TongaTonga
Parents' DayDemocratic Republic of Congo
Swiss National DaySwitzerland
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Following the merger of Deeside and Yale colleges on August 1st a Welsh Language Scheme has been developed for the new merged college which sets out how the college will treat the English and Welsh languages on a basis of equality.
More recently, on August 1st of this year, GOED, along with its consultants from Exponent Inc.
The Bulgarian Parliament will talk over and possibly accept the Socialist-led cabinetas ruling program proposed on August 1st and a revised national priorities declaration after reviewing a report of the governmentasA first 100 days in office.
I CALLED YOUR office on August 1st on receipt of the Volume 20 Issue 7 (August 2013 issue).
Manama: August 1st -- (BNA)-- The Meteorological Directorate in the Ministry of Transport anticipated a moderate weather for today in the Kingdom likely to turn into dusty in some areas at night.
PNN A press release from the Palestine Information Center (PIC) announced that activist groups in the West Bank have called for "a day of public anger" on August 1st to protest the Prawer plan.
Pace Group which is based in Washington said it will host a conference in Washington, DC on Thursday August 1st which will 'expectedly' be attended by the Libyan Minister of Industry Suleiman Ali Al-Faitouri.
Pink Caravan's booths will be functioning during weekends -- July 18th and 19th, July 25th and 26th and August 1st and 2nd, from 9.00 pm to 12.00 am.
At a press conference he held Wednesday in Al-Fasher, Kibir said that his government has adopted a number of measures to confront the security situation following the recent sorrowful incidents that happed at Kutom and Al-Waha Localities that followed assassination of the Commissioner of Kutom on August 1st. He said that the security measures included reactivation of a number of articles in the Emergency Act, withdrawing the investigation committee, the judicial organs and the United Police Forces from Kutom and Al-Waha Localities till improvement of the situation there.
WORCESTER - Donald Berman, 88, of 67 Griffin Rd., Framingham died on Wednesday, August 1st in Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westboro.
While the tigers have taken the spotlight for now, the park also plans to show its two newly born black Jaguars on August 1st.
Will friends please meet for Funeral Service and Committal at Huddersfield Crematorium on Wednesday, August 1st at 3.00 p.m.