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Böckh, August


Born Nov. 24, 1785, in Karlsruhe; died Aug. 3, 1867, in Berlin. German philologist and historian of ancient Greece, founder of Greek epigraphics. Professor at the University of Heidelberg (from 1807) and the University of Berlin (from 1811). On his initiative a collected edition of Greek inscriptions, Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum, vols. 1–4 (Berlin, 1825–59), was undertaken in 1815 by the Berlin Academy of Sciences. Böckh published volumes 1 and 2 and prepared material for the rest.


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Using the Athenian calendar, German classical scholar August Bockh (1785-1867) carried out an astronomical calculation, now widely adopted, for the date of the Battle of Marathon.
The date of the Battle of Marathon that became widely accepted in modern times is from August Bockh's 1855 work, Zur Geschichte der Mondcyclen der Hellenen.
Bockh's Calculation Using the Athenian Year The rule employed by August Bockh: The Karneian festival culminates at the full Moon of the month Metageitnion, which is the second month of the Athenian year.