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The British Virgin Islands (BVI) experienced three unprecedented events in 2017, starting with the Tropical Wave impact on August 7 to 8, which brought an abrupt end to the August Monday Parade after dumping 14.
It is hard to think of just one NFL Films clip to offer on this fine August Monday.
Instead, we got married on a cold, wet August Monday,' Brenda interrupts.
TRAFFIC FIGURES TRAFFIC FIGURES RESULTS RELEASE December 99 Wednesday January 19 3rd Quarter 99/00 - Monday January 31 January 00 Thursday February 10 February Thursday March 9 March Tuesday April 11 April Monday May 15 May Monday June 12 Prelims 99/00 - Monday June 5 June Monday July 10 1st Quarter 00/01 - Monday July 31 July Monday August 14 August Monday September 11 September Tuesday October 10 Interims 00/01 - Monday Oct.
Even so, the August Monday will be run for the first time this year since the redevelopment started in 2006, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.