August Sang

Sang, August


Born July 27, 1914, in Pärnu; died Oct. 14, 1969, in Tallinn. Soviet Estonian poet and translator. Honored Writer of the Estonian SSR (1969).

Between 1934 and 1942, Sang studied in the department of philosophy of the University of Tartu. Two collections of verse from that period, A Youth in Search of Happiness (1936) and Stone Walls (1939), reflect the poet’s movement away from philosophical idealism and romantic contemplation toward publicistic and civic-minded themes. During the Soviet era, Sang published the anthologies Bread and a Kiss (1963) and One Hundred Songs (1965). He also translated various works into Estonian, including Goethe’s Faust and the poetry of H. Heine, M. lu. Lermontov, N. A. Nekrasov, and A. T. Tvardovskii.


Luuletused. Tallinn, 1971.
In Russian translation:
Iz trekh knig. Moscow, 1967.


Kuusberg, P. “August Sang.” Keel ja Kirjandus, 1969, no. 12.
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In the second half of the 20th century, Baudelaire continued to attract the interest of eminent translators and poets, such as Gustav Suits (1883-1956), Johannes Semper (1892-1970), Ants Oras (1900-1982), August Sang (1914-1969), Jaan Kross (1920-2007), Ilmar Laaban (1921-2000), Ain Kaalep (b.
Three of them are anthological editions of verse poetry: the first established by August Sang in 1967 (contains translations by August Sang, Ain Kaalep, Ilmar Laaban, Ants Oras, Jaan Kross, Johannes Semper), the second in 2000 by Indrek Hirv (contains translations by Hirv, Oras and Sang), and the latest was published in 2009 by Ain Kaalep (contains translations by Ain Kaalep, August Sang and Mart Valjataga).