Ada Lovelace

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Ada Lovelace
BirthplaceLondon, England

Ada Lovelace

(1811-1852) The daughter of Lord Byron, who became the world's first programmer while cooperating with Charles Babbage on the design of his mechanical computing engines in the mid-1800s.

The language Ada was named after her.

["Ada, Enchantress of Numbers Prophit of the Computer Age", Betty Alexandra Toole].

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He married Anne Isabella Milbanke who was born at Elemore Hall, Pittington, Durham, in 1792, who gave birth to their child called Augusta Ada Byron in January 1815.
Techno-woman | AUGUSTA Ada Byron, the woman most |often credited with writing the first computer programme, was born in 1815.
Asi comienza el poema con que el poeta ingles lord George Gordon Noel Byron se despidio para siempre de su unica hija legitima: Augusta Ada Byron, nacida de su matrimonio con Anna Isabella Milbanke.
Born of the fleeting marriage between the rational-minded Annabella Milbanke and the rebellious poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Byron was destined to live a life betwixt the polarities of her time.
Some of the five hundred women included, such as Rosalind Franklin, Augusta Ada Byron Lovelace, and Sally K.