Augustin Meyerberg

Meyerberg, Augustin


Born 1622; died 1688. Austrian diplomat.

In 1661–62, Meyerberg was in Russia as a member of an embassy from the Austrian emperor Leopold I. The purpose of the embassy was to act as mediator between Russia and Poland, which were fighting over the Ukraine. Meyerberg’s mission was unsuccessful. The result of his stay in Russia was the abundantly illustrated book Journey to Muscovy, which contains valuable, even if at times biased, information on the political history, government, and way of life in 17th-century Russia.


Puteshestvie v Moskoviiu. Moscow, 1874.
Al’bom Meierberga: Vidy i bytovye kartiny Rossii XVII v. [vols. 1–2]. St. Petersburg, 1903.
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