Augusto César Sandino

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Sandino, Augusto César


Born May 18, 1895, in Ni-quinohomo, Masaya Department; died Feb. 21, 1934, in Managua. National hero of the Nicaraguan people. General (1926). Son of a peasant.

Sandino changed his occupation many times, and in search of work he left his native land. He worked in mines in Honduras and Guatemala and in oil fields in Mexico. Upon returning to his homeland in 1926, he joined the national liberation struggle against the American imperialists and reactionary forces within the country. The partisan struggle that he led in mid-1927 against the US troops that were occupying Nicaragua grew into a civil war, and led to the liberation of the country from the occupation forces in January 1933. In February 1934, Sandino, who had been summoned to Managua for official talks with the government on ending the civil war, was treacherously killed.


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1934 - Nicaraguan patriot Augusto Cesar Sandino is assassinated by National Guard.
Nacida en Managua hace 65 anos y descendiente del procer nacional Augusto Cesar Sandino, Rosario Murillo Zambrana desde muy joven descollo como poeta y busco convertirse en una de las principales representantes de la literatura nicaraguense.
En compania de Rosario Murillo Zambrana, sobrina nieta de Augusto Cesar Sandino, su "leal companera" y esoterica esposa, revestido de nuevo catolico y capitalista, va de prisa en su intento por consolidar otra "autocracia tropical".
Ha sido asi desde Emiliano Zapata, pasando por Augusto Cesar Sandino hasta las propias FARC.
The system is composed of new scanning equipment that improve the customs inspection service, six border check points and the Air Cargo Central Office at the International Airport Augusto Cesar Sandino in Managua.
But because of suspicions about Chavez's motive, other Latin American rulers compelled him to include in the list of ALBA's inspirers such eminent figures as Jose Marti, Antonio Jose de Sucre, Bernardo O'Higgins, Jose de San Martin and Augusto Cesar Sandino.
In his book"Century of the Wind", the late Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano tells how in 1927 the US Marines landed inNicaraguato quell a revolutionary revolt by Augusto Cesar Sandino, who led a ragtag army of Nicaraguan peasants to fight the invasion.
Del pensamiento y la practica del General Augusto Cesar Sandino se derivan una serie de valores que conforman un ideario humanista vinculado a lo popular, lo latinoamericano, la dignidad y la justicia", nos dicen los autores de este articulo, el investigador guatemalteco Rafael Cuevas Molina y la pedagoga uruguaya Paulette Barberousse.
En el fondo, la figura del guerrillero nicaraguense Augusto Cesar Sandino se eleva para resistir la invasion.
Ortega is not the same person he was when he led the revolt carrying the legacy of Augusto Cesar Sandino against the oppressive 43-year Somoza dictatorship (1935-1979).
Solo el general Augusto Cesar Sandino considero que los jefes liberales habian traicionado su causa y se opuso al acuerdo, optando por la lucha armada para reivindicar el autentico ideario liberal y expulsar a los marines estadounidenses de Nicaragua.
In 1912 the Marines invaded Nicaragua again and stayed until 1933, finally driven out in a brutal six-year guerilla war waged by the ragtag forces of populist general Augusto Cesar Sandino, Nicaragua's most famous hero, and name source of the FSLN.